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Hi, I’m Jessica, New Yorker at heart (born and raised!), but living in sunny Charleston, SC since 2015 with my husband, Daniel, and our 9-year-old daughter.

Way back in 2006, I got my first data analytics job in the healthcare industry. Since then, I’ve provided data-driven insights to some of the largest healthcare and publishing companies, as well as many smaller “mom-and-pop” shops around the globe.

That background has taught me a lot about giving clients what they need - as an end-result deliverable, and also as an experience.

Maybe it’s the New York in me, but I’ve been told by clients that I demand more from myself than they could ever demand from me. And that is music to my ears :)

Whether it’s a beautiful design aesthetic, a precise methodology, or digging deep to find the REAL story behind the data, I bring diligence and efficiency to my work every single day.

…But that’s not always enough.

Because the success of your projects also depends on a streamlined process.

Is your data analyst versatile? Adaptable? Unbiased? A team player who’s quick to catch on to company nuances? In other words…

Is it easy and efficient for YOU to manage the project and get the results you need?

As you can see here, these intangibles are a crucial part of the experience my clients count on when we work together.

My hope is that you will get to see all these things firsthand on one of your upcoming projects.

If you’d like to chat about future work, please use the “Schedule a Call” button below to schedule a time for us to discuss your project.