JM Research Solutions provides full-service market research services, including DIY programming. We also work with partners and consultants as needed across industries for your custom project. Please contact me for rates.

Questionnaire development

Do you need to test assumptions before investing in a new product? We will create a questionnaire using methodology best practices to make sure the study is crafted to give you deep, actionable insights:

  • Create a new custom questionnaire

  • Update an existing questionnaire

  • Review questionnaire and collaborate with key stakeholders

Project & fieldwork management

Do you need an experienced researcher to manage your project from inception to completion? We will manage your research project efficiently and effectively, freeing you up to focus on other priorities:

  • Create a project timeline

  • Meet with team members to define project goals

  • Keep all parties updated and engaged

  • Advise on quotas to ensure representative survey sampling

  • Test survey links

  • Create contingency plans for unexpected challenges

DIY survey programming

No time for do-it-yourself survey programming platforms? We can handle all aspects of creating a custom DIY survey in your tool of choice:

  • Create a custom DIY survey using your desired platform

  • Test survey to ensure quality standards are met

Analysis and reporting

Are you looking to understand current or past study results? Are you looking for hidden insights from your existing database to guide your next strategic business decision?  We will review your current data assets to provide new clarity for public or internal initiatives, as well as highlight shortcomings in existing data collection practices:

  • Review data to ensure accuracy

  • Summarize results in an engaging and easily digestible format

  • Provide recommendations based on findings

  • Present results and key takeaways to your entire team

Report automation

Looking to implement a report automation solution? We help you develop a workflow that makes sense for your business:

  • Advise on available software options

  • Develop customized reporting templates and best practices

  • Train team members

Ad hoc data requests

Are you looking for help training your team members to use a reporting dashboard or segment customer data? We help you gain an independent mastery of the data:

  • Learn to pull data directly from your platform

  • Create and view reports

  • Familiarize yourself with your custom dashboard to ensure accuracy and efficiency of all reports

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We offer many custom research services that can help transform your raw data into insights you can use. Please use the “Schedule a Call” button above to book a time to discuss the specifics of your project.